Frequently Asked Questions

Child care subsidy 

Child care benefit and Childcare rebate are available for eligible families.

All fees include the $1.25 an hour parent administration levy which is set by Hatchling House FDC and collected on behalf of the service via the educator. 

Minimum of 7 hours care per day under school age + school age 2 hours minimum for before school care and 2-hour minimum for after-school care.

Fee Schedule

Standard care

(8-6pm) $9.40. p/h

Non Standard Care

(6pm-8am) $9.80 p/h

School Age Child 

$9.40 p/h

School holiday $9.40 p/h

Rotating/Rostered shifts

$10.00 p/h

Casual/un-booked hours

$9.80 p/h

Public holidays

$12.00 p/h

Late fee $15.00

Opening Hours

Open 24 hours a day 6 day s a week